Reaching for change through connections, opportunities, and successful Indigenous-Industry relationships.

Our practitioners walk in two worlds: within the historical and cultural contexts of our ancestors, and within our respective professions. We work in Business, Law, Mental Health, and Cultural Education, advocating for and negotiating fair outcomes; building capacity; and removing barriers to community and economic growth.


It’s critical to ensure the wants and the abilities of Indigenous communities align with the needs of Industry. Working together, the Reach Group helps communities and companies build relationships and projects at the same time as build people capacity, meet project milestones, develop future business, and achieve success for everyone involved.

Referral Processing / Management

Project Management

Project Negotiation

Government to Government Relationships

Business Development

Strategic Planning

Capacity Development and Growth

Training and Employment

Economic Development Corporation Set Up


Our legal-services clients come to us for support around Indigenous resource law, empowering Nations through title and rights affirmation, sustainable economic development, and environmental conservation. We work with clients negotiating mining, oil and gas, forestry, pipelines, run-of-river, and hydro projects.

IBA Negotiations

Joint Venture Agreements

Regulatory Engagement

Traditional Knowledge Collection

UNDRIP Implementation

Government-to-Government Negotiations


Trauma can affect individuals in many ways, and we may not see its full impact for many years. The Reach Group works with communities in compassionate and customized ways to create understanding about trauma’s influence and begin the journey of growth and healing, for communities and their members, present and future.

Intergenerational Trauma

Indian Residential School Trauma

Workplace Lateral Violence


Many organizations want to understand the historical and cultural contexts that influence and impact their relationships with Indigenous communities. Reach Group clients work with us to understand how to build these relationships in culturally respectful and impactful ways. We also provide guidance and support to organizations working through the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business’ Progressive Aboriginal Relations™ (PAR) certification process.

Reconciliation 101

Understanding Indigenous Interests 101

Working Through the CCAB Process